Friday, March 25, 2011

Rewards Program #5 - Pampers Gifts To Grow!

Another rewards program that I would like to tell everyone about is called Gifts To Grow by Pampers. If you have kids or are a care taker, you may have noticed green and white stickers on the inside of diaper packages. There are also long codes stamped on wipes packages. If you create a Pampers Gifts to Grow account, you can enter these codes to get rewards. You can choose from many different things, like Starbucks gift cards, Shutterfly gift codes, kids toys, magazine subscriptions and so much more. Even if you don't have kids I will be posting codes that you can enter without having to buy Pampers. Then you can redeem those points for some nice gifts for people or yourself! Later today I will be posting a list of codes that you can enter, I will try not to post any that have expired, but if I do I am sorry. The expired ones are very hard for me to keep up on. Hopefully this will help all of you get some great rewards!

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