Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gyro Bowl Review!

Well I recently purchased a Gyro Bowl. I have lots of kids, but at risk of many fights I only bought one because if we didn't like it, I wouldn't be out as much money. My kids were at school and down for naps when it came in the mail, so I had the pleasure of opening it by myself. I ran out to the kitchen and put Whopper candies in it and acted like a full grown child running around my house with it! All I gotta say is I LOVE IT!! I immediately went online and bought 4 more! I love this thing, it really doesn't spill and it came with a lid, so I can put their cereal in the bowl the night before and it is ready for morning! Above is a picture of my second youngest daughter. It took all of her might to keep her hand out of the bowl while I was taking the picture! I have not been endorsed by this company to do this review and this is 100% my own opinion!

I purchased mine through e-bay. There are so many good deals on them there. However, if you are sketchy about purchasing items on e-bay, then another option is Amazon. And this item ships free with Amazon Mom or Amazon Prime. I highly recommend Amazon, it is a wonderful online store! You can see my post here reguarding Amazon Mom Sign-Up. It is retailing for $12.99 on Amazon. If you would like to see this bowl in action, you can see the infomercial of it here.

If anyone else has tried this then feel free to leave your opinions of it in the comment section. Or if anyone has questions about the bowl that they would like answered you may leave those too!

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